Dahlia music


Find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Can we play outside?

Yes we are able to play outside weather dependent. We are unable to play in direct sunlight, windy or rainy conditions and we ask that the temperature is above 17 degrees (MU regulations). If it is over 17 degrees and sunny we will require some shade- this is because our instruments can’t handle the heat!

Will you be expected to provide us with anything?

All we ask is that you provide us with four armless chairs and soft drinks/tea and coffee as refreshment. If we are provided to play longer than three hours we may ask that you provide us with some hot food depending on the time of day.

What will we be wearing?

We can present ourselves in all black; women in long black dresses and men in dinner jackets. Or if you would prefer we can add a touch of colour to your event by dressing ourselves in smart colourful outfits; women in colourful dresses and men in coloured shirt/black trousers.

Do we require time to take a break?

Yes we ask that you allow us a fifteen minute break every 90 minutes.

How far do we travel?

We try to keep our work based within 2.5 hours travel-time of each of our bases in Manchester and London but special arrangements can be made if need be. If you are having an event out-with the UK or again, somewhere further afield within the UK, we are able to travel but extra charges will apply. Contact us for a quote and to check our availability.

How much do we charge?

Our prices are dependent on whether you want a string duo, trio or quartet. Extra charges may incur depending on travel and if accommodation is required. Please contact us directly for an accurate quote.

Should you book a duo, trio or quartet?

The smaller groups such as the duo or trio are ideal for smaller venues and budgets but we recommend the quartet as there is a much larger repertoire of music available!

Can we accompany a singer or other instrumentalist for your event?

Yes that is possible if we are able to speak to the musician beforehand to make the arrangements required.